The Luminous Glass

Presale of the Luminous Glass




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The Light Up Cup is the event passport, it allows you to:

Encourage the Art Gallery Night and contribute to its success. To buy the Light Up Cup is to invest in culture since this event aims to help you discover various artists and craftspeople of the sector;

Be environmentally responsible. Since the Light Up Cup is reusable, bring it home after the event;

Buy at the outdoor bars: only the Light Up Cup will be filled. White wine, red wine, sparkling wine, cider and a non-alcoholic beverage will be available and you will benefit from low prices;

Enjoy the Gourmet Zones: you will be able to buy various appetizers specially concocted for the event. Varied local producers, regional products and more;

Get the new light up cup to fully enjoy the event.



The Art Gallery Night, to celebrate art in all its forms!




  • Limited quantities.
  • The cups light up in the dark when in contact with liquid;
  • Available in 6 different colours;
  • We reserve your choice of colour;
  • A pack of 6 cups automatically gives you the 6 colours;
  • You must have the Light Up Cup to fully enjoy the event;
  • It will be allowed to enter the galleries with your drink in your Light Up Cup, however no free tastings will be offered in the galleries.


Free access to the site during the event