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André Bouchard | Nuit des galeries

Recent work by André Bouchard
Saturday, September 21rst 2019, from 5pm to 11pm

I am pleased to invite you to come see my latest creations and my exhibition INSPIRED BY THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH at LA NUIT DES GALERIES, which showcase 36 galleries of Old Quebec and attracts thousands of spectators.

Painter André Bouchard is pleased to present the exhibition:
(Presentation of paintings and gigantic murals)

For the occasion, the artist innovates and do not hesitate to present several creations in the ”mixed medium” style, a new genre that will surprise you by it’s innovative and singular character. Other artwork were issued from salvaging, whose second life attracts a certain look marrying with the modern and copulating with the three-dimensional. The artist also presents his collection of paintings that were created on pieces of walls recovered from the famous house he acquired in exchange for one of his paintings.

The exhibition presents several murals: Paix dans le monde (3 x 1.8 meters). Mr. Frédéric Back was the first person to sign this piece, which had the objective of being a manifesto for world peace and approved by several thousand people (Photo-3). The exhibition INSPIRED BY THE BEAUTY OF EARTH also presents another mural, which is none other than the Fresco Charter on the Rights of the Child that was exhibited at the Montreal Law Courts to mark the 10th anniversary of the chart. These two pieces are part of the Peace and Environment Mural and mesure about 110 x 1.5 meters. Its center has become Amnesty International’s poster for A world without torture campaign.

About thirty years ago, the artist presented the first mural he painted live  during a Michel Pagliaro show in Caraquet in the Maritimes (see painting).




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