Flamand Sculptor

Sculpteur Flamand | Nuit des galeries

A native of Quebec City, the sculptor Alain Flamand has been living in the Petit Champlain District for over 30 years. One of the first incomers in the neighbourhood, the sculptor has been passionate about his art since he was a child. From as far back as he can remember, wood has inspired him and allowed him to create magnificent works according to the traditional method of direct wood carving.

A vast selection of high-relief works, all made by hand, is offered in this unique shop in Quebec where the smell of wood fills your nostrils as soon as you enter. From small figurines to large carved pieces in tinted or coloured wood, anyone can find objects to decorate their home, to offer as gifts or to keep as souvenirs of their visit to Quebec.
In addition to the great variety offered, the artist can make custom-made creations on demand for individuals and businesses. Whether you need a personalized address sign or a certain amount of gifts for a Quebec-themed convention, Mr. Flamand and his team are ready to take up the challenge!

The tradition of wood carving lives on in the Petit Champlain District thanks to the talent and passion of Alain Flamand.



Flamand Sculptor
49, Petit-Champlain street

T. 418 692-2813