Galerie Imagerie Editions

Éditions Galerie l'Imagerie (ÉGI) | Nuit des galeries

Les Galerie Imagerie Editions (EGI) Inc. is a reproductions publisher of Quebec artist-painters. They are specialized in the wholesale and retail sale of greeting cards (Christmas, all occasions), reproductions on paper (posters) and on canvas (giclées/transfer).

Having had a commercial showcase on Saint-Jean street for many years, they now have a retail shop at Place de Paris (Place-Royale), where you can buy their products (greeting cards, posters, giclées, calendars…) and find custom framing, laminating/transfer on canvas and other image processing services. In addition, they now have an art gallery inside their walls, allowing them to exhibit and sell original paintings of some of their wonderful artists.

For nearly 35 years, they have made it their business to showcase Quebec artists such as Lise Auger, Claude Théberge, Guy Paquet, Diane Parent, Hélène Léveillée and many others.

Galerie Imagerie Editions (EGI)

35-41 Place de Paris
Quebec, Quebec
G1K 4G4

T. 418 522-6600