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Gisèle Boulianne | Nuit des galeries

Artistic Process

“I reflect, memorize and structure compositions to suggest relationships between time and space. In the process of creating, I release my introspective impulses into the outside world. The vibratory phenomena of sound globally guide and organize my actions on the canvas. These are my intimate reflections, a calligraphy emanating from the mute finished work.”

Gisèle Boulianne knows how to express the abundance of life that surrounds her by transcending it into art. Her approach is almost theatrical, where imagination animates ongoing scenes of representation. What may seem trivial for some, like graffiti on a door or trout in a sink, appears phenomenal to her. The overlapping complexities of color, the vigorous line strokes, and the intermixed shapes conjure up her mad urge to create dramatic pieces, nebulous representations of the atmosphere emanating from her surroundings. In this way, Gisèle paints the urban life that mesmerizes her.

Gisèle - finale

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