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Inspired by architecture and nature’s textures, Sonia Ferland chose her hometown, Quebec City, to give free rein to her passion for metals and her creative talent.

Since graduating from Quebec City’s jewellery school in 1994, Sonia has presented her collections in Italy, France, the United States as well as in the Caribbean.

Every year, her jewellery and her art objets are presented in numerous craft fairs in Quebec and Canada. She has received several awards during these fairs, including Quebec City’s prize of the capital awarded by Quebec’s Craft Arts Council for the quality, originality and presentation of her products. ​

OSMOSE-Devant 48 Sault du Matelot avec déco



Boutique and workshop
48 Sault au Matelot street, Quebec, Qc
T. 418 523-2097
F. 418 523-2090

89 St-Pierre street, Quebec, Qc
G1K 4A3