Perreault Art Gallery

Galerie Perreault | Nuit des galeries

In the heart of Old Quebec, the Perreault Art Galleries wish you a warm welcome. Wether it’s at the Quebec Perreault Gallery on 122 Côte de la Montagne or at the one on 205 St-Paul street, also in Quebec, you’ll be seduced by our works from Quebec artists.

The consultants at the Quebec Perreault Art Galleries are passionate by the greatly talented artists we exhibit. They are professional artists with the skill to channel the colours and the beauty of the Quebec identity. Some are contemporaries, others are renowned masters from the 20th century.

The Quebec Perreault Art Galleries contain real treasures from our heritage, artworks worthy of being exhibited in museums, such as paintings by Marc-Aurèle Fortin (RCA), Jean-Paul Lemieux (RCA), Normand Hudon (IAF), and Claude A. Simard (RCA), to name a few. A visit will delight you.

You can meet with us in complete peace of mind by immersing yourself in the joyful atmosphere that emerges from our galleries. There is colour and beauty in abundance! Our paintings will brighten up your interiors. You’ll be amazed at the Quebec Perreault Art Galleries!

Opening Hours
Everyday from 10 am to 5 pm

Perreault Gallery
205, Saint-Paul street
Quebec, Quebec
G1K 3W2

T. 418 692-4772