Reid and Her Guests at The Firm


La Firme (The Firm) / Lawyers is presenting the exhibition “The Art of Sharing: Reid and Her Guests”


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For a third consecutive year during the Art Gallery Night, Sonia Reid will create an artwork, but this time with a few guest artists she met over her latest international shows. In addition to discovering new works by Reid, you will have the chance to meet some of her favourite artists and contemplate their works during this exhibition titled “The Art of Sharing”.

In search of colours, textures, sensations and emotions,Sonia Reid embarks on an adventure into every blank canvas. She pays attention to her instincts, leaves any judgments behind and paints spontaneously, ignoring any rules but to follow her heart. Her mixed abstract style generates unique works where anything is possible. She welcomes emptiness, the harmony of colours, and lets the words fall into place.

In addition to her studio at home, Sonia loves to create at The Firm, this unique space where business and art converge. Her works have been exhibited there on a permanent basis since 2012. Sonia regularly creates for individuals and she oversees collective creations for several events. Her works have traveled internationally. She recently attended Scope NYC, Art Boca Raton and Art Market San Francisco.La Firme | Nuit des galeries

La Firme | Nuit des galeries


REID | Nuit des galeries


REID | Nuit des galeries


REID | Nuit des galeries

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