Sylvain Roberge – Artist-Painter

Originally from Quebec, the Canadian artist Sylvain Roberge stands out as a conquering visionary. His work is characterized by a varied palette of colour and subject matter. Both timeless and rendered in a contemporary way, these artworks demonstrate a solid academic training transcended by Roberge through continuous experiences.

After having followed classes in Montreal and Toronto, the artist explores various artistic techniques on his own as a way to better translate his visions. He doesn’t follow any trends, but rather perfects his own style and constructs singular works over time. The requirement of each creation is a studied and effective staging, testifying to the many talents of this artist curious about everything: photography, design, lighting and staging.

A passionate, wholesome and determined character, Roberge charms with his creative intuitions. With their artistry, speed of execution and palpable control of the techniques employed, the works evoke the fervor and urgency inhabiting the artist.

The multiplicity of processes confirms that Roberge constantly pushes the limits of his work and seeks to renew himself. On a perpetual quest for new emotions, he devotes his life to his art.


Sylvain Roberge – Artist-Painter
133, Saint-Paul street
Québec, G1K 3V8

T. 418 687-6157