Urbania Art Gallery

Galerie d'art URBANIA | Nuit des galeries


Urbania Art Gallery is dedicated to the presentation of art in all its forms, as well as to the exploration of distinct techniques.

Urbania Art Gallery represents local, regional and international artists.

The gallery favours the diversity of its artists through works represented in a variety of formats and materials (canvas, cardboard, steel, wood, bronze, etc.).

Their unique styles and symbolic worlds range from the figurative, to cubism, realism and surrealism. The themes are varied, including abstraction, music, dance, characters, architecture, city scapes, nature, animals … They’re a must see.

Come and meet the talented artists who will be present at the event.

Urbania Art Gallery
112, Saint-Paul street
Quebec (Qc) G1k 3V9

T. 418 999-9862 or 418 660-1971