Valérie Busque

Valérie Busque

For Valérie, the artist behind this adventure, art has been flowing in her veins forever. To create is for her a purpose of life, a reason to live and to serve the world.

She has a degree in Visual Arts from Université Laval, as well as a degree in one of the 5 superior schools of arts in France, where she deals with the theme of humanism in all her projects.

A lifestyle photographer for more than 10 years and recognized in the Top 30 most inspiring wedding photographers of Canada, her passion has led her to overcome barriers and stand out artistically.

In parallel with this career of photography, her know-how has been perpetuated in another areas of the visual arts, that of painting and drawing, to create pieces based on the search of meaning and freedom, a quest for self balance. Identity, the human being is at the heart of her artistic approach.

She is sharing her love between photography, art, interior design, architecture… these inspisrations have abviously tinged her art. So it is in an architectural, spiritual, aesthetic and conceptual spirit that she creates and lives her art. Her deep desire to make people feel emotion, to tell a story and to leave a trace are driving her actions.

To create this mix between the abstract and the figurative was essential in the process in order to find into space, teh mouvement, the color and also the source: the human being.


Valérie Busque - Nuit des galeries

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