Petit Champlain District, Place-Royale, Quebec Old Port


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2019 map:



Discover the art galleries and artisan shops of the Quebec Old Port, Place-Royale and Petit Champlain District  in a colourful event concept.

Meet the artists at work and stroll through a circuit filled with bands, colorful lights, gastronomy and entertainment.


To celebrate art in all its forms!





6 bands will play music along the circuit, sometimes on stage, on the ground or on the move. We provide an appealing musical program that will enhance your experience.


2019 bands: Jesse Zagata, Melvis and the Jive Cats, Martin Goyette, Jordane, Liana Bureau et The Johans.




Gourmet Zones


Various restaurants from the neighbourhood and local producers will create custom appetizers for the event.



Royal Battery – FAO Place – Corner of Rioux Street and St. Paul.


Please note that appetizers will not be offered in the galleries this year.

The Light Up Cup is required to buy appetizers at the gourmet stations.



Musée de la civilisation

Collective exhibition

Discover even more artists from galleries participating in La Nuit des Galeries.

In the inner courtyard or the museum hall, depending on the weather.



Outside bars

5 outdoor bars will be placed on the event zone.
White wine, red wine, sparkling wine and ciders will be on sale during the event.
Luminous cut compulsory to buy at bars.


Collective Mural

Visitors will be invited to participate in the collective mural at the Cetière Park (Place-Royale), in collaboration with artists from the Beauchamp Art Galleries.



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Promote the various art galleries and artisan shops in the Creative District;
Make art and craft accessible to all;
Offer an unforgettable experience for the participants;
Bring life to this sector which is a part of the Heritage List of UNESCO.